In Praise of Slow Work

In Praise of Slow Work

I really like to knit. At times I’ve considered it to be a fairly stupid thing to do – at least as a component of the artwork that I sell. It takes so long to make things (particularly lace with tiny needles as is my current fancy) that there is almost no way for me, as a working artist, to sell knitted items at a price that compensates my time in any reasonable way. So, I recommend that you do it for fun, relaxation, meditation and to create a space for you to think.

If you just can’t do knitting (because it’s hard for your hands or too fussy or …), I would like to recommend any other slow work – gardening comes to mind. Maybe fixing old cars. Unlike other physical activities, making things comes with the additional reward of engaging your imagination and intellect to manifest a physical object. Find something to make. Use your body – especially your hands. Allow your mind to wander a bit.

One of the cool things about knitting lace is that when I start a new pattern I can’t always see where I’m going with it. I just follow instructions and wait to see the pattern develop. Then after a few repeats I start to understand how it works. And then, finally it becomes a rhythm that allows me just enough space to reflect on other things as I work. Slow work allows you to learn as you go, to find new understanding of how your creative process works.

Some of the boxes that I make include knitted and woven elements. They typically take extra time to make, and I will continue to do it. The work makes me happy and embodies what I’m feeling when I make things with my hands.


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