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Cedar Street Design

De Stijl Drawer Cube

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This box honors De Stijl art and design. The cube rotates on a sturdy ball-bearing base and features primary colored drawers all around. It's made out of painted birch plywood with an acrylic varnish top coat. All the drawers are lined with black felt. I (Melissa) designed this box several years ago and envisioned it in primary colors but it took me a while to find paints and finishes that satisfied me. This is not a specifically numbered edition but I won't be making very many. The video shows a natural birch plywood version that I made previously.

It took several revisions and a prototype to work out the details, all hand made, carefully sanded and a celebration of 20th century modern design. Signed and dated on the bottom.

The box with drawers is a 7 inch cube; with the rotating base it is 7 1/2 inches tall.

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